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Macabre Gadget 'Florent' story is inspired by 'The Roses of Helio-gabalus' painting by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. The piece depicting famously decadent young Roman emperor Elagabalus at one of his grand parties. Although the story is quite mythical in its nature, it is indeed macabre. The young emperor who's reign was conspicuous for sex scandals and religious controversy, was hosting a lavish affair: a banquet that splendor so the rose petals were falling from the sky. As the story goes, the false ceiling was filled with millions of rose and violet petals; as the guests were twisting themselves in pleasures - the petals kept pouring filling the room in pink subtle and the air in thick fragrance. Finally there were so many that they suffocated emperor's ecstatic guests.

"In a banqueting-room with a reversible ceiling he once buried his quests in violets and other flowers, so that some were actually smothered to death, being unable to crawl out to the top.'

(Historia Augusta).