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Genuine harmony is elusive - it’s among us, it’s near, it’s everywhere and nowhere. It’s right in front of you — so close that you’re about to grab it, comprehend it, define and divide it, compartmentalise it. And yet you can’t — it slips away at once.

Both nature and art obey one law and rhythm; thus, all the masterpieces are alignment, whether it’s an ocean bay, Notre Dame de Paris, a human skull or a Lalique’s comb.

The motive is hidden everywhere, and the messages are marked with a delicate hint — only find and sense them. They can either be low moving clouds in the sky, or a rib vaults in a cathedral built hundreds years ago; they are almost yellow leaves, or stitches sewn with phenomenal care into an old corsage; they may be the bend of a gentle shell or Bernini’s marble perfection.

Macabre Gadgets’ mission is to discover and translate all these moments of harmony into fashion. Therefore, to bring a true meaningful beauty into a modern world making it contemporary itself. The inspiration is nature, architecture, sculpture, and the very elusive something that transcends the whole world, erasing the boundaries in space and time, being eternal, ever present and profound.