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Celebrating harsh and primeval beauty of nature, Macabre Gadgets is unveiling its FAUN collection. An ode to nature which is pure and mystical in a way that scares us on a innermost instinctive levels. Try to see the light in the deepest fogs and darkness in the purest blossoms. To see beauty in all sides of a life circle and appreciate a never ending dance of Eros and Thanatos. Imagine us, humans, as nothing more than feral and sensual animals, mighty and fragile at the same time.

We aim to evoke the feeling of being awed by ancient forests, as our predecessors have been, inhabiting woods and seas with mythical creatures as a consequence.
It’s a journey made of imagination and reflection of what surrounding world would have meant to people then and what it is for us today. Would there be a modern Fauns, unicorns, tree spirits or sacred animals? 
This collection poetically exalts creatures of folklores around the world and fantasizes of how would they fit in our reality.